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Isabel: 'When onshore, Harry is a passionate manager for offshore wind energy projects. Besides that he is an experienced sailor who likes to show you the beauty of the IJsselmeer and the tidal flats in the North of the Netherlands. On the water he unites with the elements and his eyes twinckle. He always dreamt of building a seaworthy vessel, and succeeded. Harry and 'Marie' are solid and trustworthy. They give you the Room to Be.'


Harry: 'Isabel has largely contributed to the quiet and spacious ambience on board 'Marie'. Being certified and an experienced trainer and coach in mindfulness, Tension Releasing Exercises, breath work and mindful yoga (www.rzijn.nl), she knows how important this can be. In her profession her power shows, and with it she has enriched many people's lives. Isabel is knowledgeable, open, warm hearted and without judgement. She will meet you expressively, playfully and by chance with humor.'